1. Rachael Griffiths
    I have known Lee for some years now, so have been able to put all my trust into knowing that he puts animals before anything else. After he took Harry on his first walk, he ended up falling asleep under my table after Lee had left, which I have never known him to do before. I would highly recommend Lee in all aspects, price, trust, care and love. Thank you very much Lee!
    Rachael Griffiths
  2. Fred Meiers
    Thank you for looking after my cats at your house during our 2 week holiday. This is the best thing I have ever done for Fudge & Daisy-Boo. I will never put them in a cattery again. It made so much sense to pay extra for them as they came back so happy rather than thin and miserable from a cattery.
    Fred Meiers
  3. Selina Jackson
    Thank you Lee for taking care of Dandalion & Murdock. Before contacting Lee, I struggled to find someone to care for my 1 year old Rats. They are not everyone's cup of tea but they are my world. I was going abroad for my sister's wedding and needed someone to care for them whilst I was away. When I called Lee, he was really pleasant and helpful. He managed to book them in straight away, hassle free. Lee sent me pictures of them whilst I was away and kept me up to date on how they were doing. I really appreciated this. Upon my return I was so happy to see how looked after they had been whilst I was away!
    Selina Jackson
  4. Jane Talsall
    Just a short thank you for taking care of my rabbit Millie over the weekend. The photo's you sent me were fantastic, she looks like she had a great time and lots of constant love and affection (more than she gets at home). The pictures are great also. I have enlarged one and made it into a canvas and put it on my daughters bedroom wall. She loves it.
    Jane Talsall
  5. Cheryl G
    Thank you for coming to my house over the weekend to let the cat in and out, as well as feed him. I don't know how you managed to capture some of the amazing pictures too, you could be a professional photographer! It is good to know there are still people out there that can be trusted after our last incident.
    Cheryl G
  6. Pete (Dogs Trust)
    Lee has been looking after our King Charles Cavalier Maggie for a while now and he's fantastic with her and he spoils her rotten... We couldn't recommend him enough.
    Pete (Dogs Trust)